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Shalden Shooting School, North Combe, Shillingford, Tiverton, Devon. EX16 9BX.

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Going out shooting real game for the first time can be a daunting experience, particularly if you have only just learnt to shoot.


We can do a good job of simulating the targets you may be faced with and their random nature. We also explain the etiquette and how to shoot safely, but nothing can simulate the nerves and excitement you will be feeling on your first day.


For this reason we often accompany people on their first day game shooting and stay with them all day, making sure they shoot safely, stay calm and generally coaching them the way we would at the school.


It isn't only beginners who take advantage of this service though. Many experienced guns come to us and ask why we think they have a bad day on pheasants, or why they can shoot well on clays but not game.


We will of course have ideas what you might be doing, but without being there we cannot say for sure. If one of us stands with you, we will be able to coach you while you are shooting and tell you where you have been going wrong in the past. This should mean you have a good day, but the advice will hopefully stay with you on future days also.


If you are the owner of a shoot, you may have your doubts about the experience of one or some of your guns. We can supply up to three instructors to keep everyone shooting safely and provide advice throughout the day.

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Shalden Shooting School

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