Shalden Shooting School, North Combe, Shillingford, Tiverton, Devon. EX16 9BX.

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We adapt the tuition we give to the ability of the pupil and the sort of shooting they intend to do in the future. We have many different traps so we can always find something to benefit anyone from complete beginners to experienced clay and game shots.


A lesson for one person lasts approximately one hour although the exact time taken will depend on how well the lesson goes.


Lessons can be shared by up to 3 people. Lessons shared by 2 last approximately 1 1/2 hours and lessons shared by 3 last 2 hours.




We take those with little or no experience of shooting through a structured course of lessons covering all the basic angles-overhead, right to left, left to right etc.


After the first few lessons we start to use different traps depending on what sort of shooting the pupil eventually intends to do.


As with everything we do, this course is flexible. If we find someone progressing more quickly then we will move on to the next target, rather than continue shooting one they have already mastered.


While teaching each specific target we also talk about more general points of technique, such as footwork, gun mount and ready position.


Safety obviously has to be taught rigorously, but we do not do this by giving a whole lecture on the subject. In the early lessons the coach will have control over the gun and simply not allow any slip ups in safety. As the pupil becomes more competent and is gradually given more control, we show them how to handle the gun safely and regularly comment on the way they are doing things and why they should or shouldn't be.


When the time comes we will help you with your shotgun certificate application and go to a gun shop with you to ensure you buy a suitable gun.

Game Shots

For experienced game shots we have targets to simulate a variety of real game shooting situations. We have high driven targets, long crossers, combinations and sequences, and also simulated partridge, pheasant and grouse drives. Other targets are available to work on basic technique.


We use these targets to find and improve a weak shot or simply to get pupils hitting ever more challenging targets. The simulated drives are particularly good for showing up faults, and also for showing what will happen to your shooting when the situation is more exiting.


Many of our customers are game shots who use a lesson or two with us at the beginning of the season to get their eye in.



Clay shots

For the more experienced clay shooter we have a range of sporting targets, trap and skeet. We will also try to set up targets for our customers if they describe one they have difficulty with elsewhere.


We either concentrate on particular targets where the pupil would like to improve, or shoot over a course of targets to discover where the problems are for ourselves.


As well as coaching particular shots, we will also be looking at basic technique. If necessary there are targets and exercises we can use to work on this too.

Shalden Shooting School

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