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Over the years we have coached many people with a variety of physical disabilities. The loss of a limb or an eye does not have to mean the end of your shooting or that you cannot take it up.


Shooting is by its nature a sport which tends to be done in out of the way places, this can make it difficult for wheelchair users to access. We usually take our customers to the shooting ground in our Land Rover, but  we have some wheelchair users who like to take their own adapted cars to the ground and we are happy for others to do so. Alternatively a sturdy wheelchair could make the journey.


Shalden Shooting School, North Combe, Shillingford, Tiverton, Devon. EX16 9BX.

Tel: 01398 331021   email: enquiry@shaldenshootingschool.co.uk

You might think losing an eye, particularly the one on the opposite side to the shoulder you shoot from, would make shooting impossible. We have seen this problem before and with some modifications to the gun, you can continue to hit targets.


Please telephone to talk about any specific needs you may have, we will try to find a solution and get you hitting targets.

Shalden Shooting School

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