We are often asked what is the youngest we can start teaching someone to shoot. Many people think this is a question of the law but because pupils are under the supervision of an instructor this isn't so.


We do not set a minimum age for taking shooting lessons because we believe it is more a matter of size than age due to the strength required to hold the guns.



Shalden Shooting School, North Combe, Shillingford, Tiverton, Devon. EX16 9BX.

Tel: 01398 331021   email: enquiry@shaldenshootingschool.co.uk


At the shooting school we have a number of guns in different calibres so that we can find something to suite most people, the smallest of these being the .410 which an average sized 10 year old can manage.



The next step up from the .410 is the 28 bore, which as a guide an average sized 12 year old can handle. The .410 is such a small calibre that it makes shooting difficult for the pupil and life difficult for the instructor, it can be a little demoralising for both parties. For this reason we recommend that if a child can bear to wait until they can handle a 28 bore then they will find learning to shoot much easier and will progress more quickly.


Once on the 28 bore we take a child learning to shoot over the same range of targets that we use for the adults and usually they shoot them just as well or better. Just imagine what they will be like when they can hold a 12 bore!

Shalden Shooting School

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