Simulated Game Days

Shalden Shooting School, North Combe, Shillingford, Tiverton, Devon. EX16 9BX.

Tel: 01398 331021   email:

A day or half day of simulated drives can give the members of a shoot the chance to get back together again over the summer. It is also a good way to get everyone back into the swing of things before the real game season starts.


We can offer up to 8 guns either a day or half day of simulated pheasant drives.  This can include a lunch in the gunroom provided by a local caterer if you wish, or you may decide you would like to go somewhere to eat after you have shot.


The program for the day will include a number of simulated drives in different locations around the shooting ground, the guns will have the chance to shoot from a number of different positions within the line at each location.

The coaches will be there to organise and to ensure everything is done safely.


If you wish, a certain amount of coaching can also be done on the day, either during the drives or a session of one to one coaching to make sure everyone is on form before the drives begin.


The number of “birds” shot on the day is also your choice, and will depend on how much you want the day to cost. We will however suggest a minimum number to ensure a good days sport.

Shalden Shooting School

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