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Gun fit is very important if you are going to shoot to your full potential. If you cannot see over your gun properly or your eye is looking slightly down one side of the barrel for example, it will not shoot where you think it is pointing.


Many people do not bother having their gun fitted or checked and shoot well with a gun that is nearly right, but how much better could they be?




Over the spring and summer Shalden Shooting School run monthly gun fit days, these are usually in the middle of the month on a Wednesday from April onwards.


The measurements are taken by Laurie Hart from Chaplins of Winchester. Laurie brings all of the measuring equipment- try guns, cast block etc. with him and spends the day measuring our customers for gun fit. This is a fascinating process, often customers from earlier in the day stay on out of interest to watch other people take their turn.



Laurie then takes the guns away with him with the required measurements and the gunmakers at Chaplins make the adjustments. The guns are then returned on the next gun fit day.


We use Chaplins because they are not just a gunshop, they are gunsmiths and gunmakers, we trust them with any gun no matter how old, delicate or valuable.

Shalden Shooting School

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